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. How we domesticated cats (twice). They have a high energy level and require lots of exercise.

11 Most Playful Cat Breeds
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Certain traits are associated with specific pedigrees and types of cats. Not all cats are created equally, though, and there are a handful of larger breeds that deserve just as much love as their petite counterparts. Collection by dee lerious • last updated 14 hours ago.

Cat has been domesticated for around 4,000 years and they were valued for both hunting abilities and for their companionship and loving behaviour.

It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. One today there are between 40 and 50 recognized cat breeds, which humans created by artificial selection for. According to smithsonian, cat remains have not made their domestication timeline any clearer archaeologists have found evidence that suggests that cats in cyprus were domesticated around over the course of time, that mutual relationship led to the breeding of slightly tamer cats than their. Domestic cats are an exception to the rule of domestication.